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Products benefits

Professional quality. Ideal for high traffic commercial areas. 

+ Exclusive designs and colors, all wood options with embossing-in-register for a more natural look and feel, and all stones in XXL format.

Great resistance and easy cleaning thanks to the PUR Ecoprotec™ surface treatment.

A sustainable solution: low VOC, phthalate free and 100% recyclable.

Can also be installed as a floating floor, without glue, thanks to ECOSTEP SMART, Oneflor-Europe innovative self-adhesive underlay for dryback LVT.

  EIR   : Wood Only

ECO70 : The perfect choice for commercial areas with high traffic

ECO70 is available in 8 exclusive and ultra-realistic designs. All wood designs are embossed-in-register to be as close as possible to real natural material. The stone options have been developed in a very trendy XXL format (91,44 x 91,44 cm). This makes ECO70 a great choice for a unique and exclusive commercial interior.

ECO70 is a glue-down product developed for commercial applications with very intense traffic.

Plank size: 177,8 x 1219,2 mm (15 planks/box = 3,25m²)
Tile size: 914,4 x 914,4 mm (6 tiles/box = 5,02m²)

Thickness: 2,5 mm. Wear-layer: 0,70 mm

Sandstone Grey
OFD-070-001 | 914.4 x 914.4 mm

Sandstone Pearl
OFD-070-002 | 914.4 x 914.4 mm

Sandstone Greige
OFD-070-003 | 914.4 x 914.4 mm

Vintage Oak Light Grey
OFD-070-004 | 177.8 x 1219.2 mm

Vintage Oak Grey
OFD-070-005 | 177.8 x 1219.2 mm

Vintage Oak Dark Natural
OFD-070-006 | 177.8 x 1219.2 mm

Antique Oak Natural
OFD-070-007 | 177.8 x 1219.2 mm

Antique Oak Light Natural
OFD-070-008 | 177.8 x 1219.2 mm