100% waterproof


Extremely stable. Will not expand or contract

Quick and easy to install

Direct installation over most existing hard surface floors (ceramic tiles, uneven concrete floors)

Superior scratch resistance

Reduces noises thanks to its integrated acoustic pad

Suitable for under floor heating

100% phthalate-free

100% recyclable

RIGID30 XL / CLASSIC30 XL : Your new interior decoration in one click.

RIGID XL is an innovative flooring solution that brings the premium look and performances your home deserves.

Its high-density composite core resists expansion and contraction, giving you a more beautiful, dimensionally-stable floor that will last for the decades to come.

RIGID XL comes in a great pallet of natural colors giving the mind of real look of wood. It has an extremely realistic appearance due to the cutting-edge Embossed-in-Register technology (EIR), providing unparalleled realism and natural beauty that makes your flooring stand out.

Plank size (RIGID30 XL): 228,6 x 1524 mm (8 planks/box = 2,78m²)
Thickness: 5,0 mm. Wear-layer: 0,30 mm

Dry back version (CLASSIC30 XL): 2,0 mm. Wear-layer: 0,30 mm
Plank size: 228,6 x 1524 mm (14 planks/box = 4,87m²)

What is EIR (Embossed in Register) Flooring ?

There are so many flooring options available today that it can be difficult to choose the perfect flooring for home or business. Technological advances have made it possible to have a floor with a beautiful look and feel of natural wood – but better – thanks to a perfect match between the design and the surface texture.

Prestige OAK White
OFK-030-001 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-001 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Prestige OAK Natural
OFK-030-002 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-002 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Prestige OAK Brown
OFK-030-003 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-003 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Prestige OAK Greige
OFK-030-004 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-004 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Infinity OAK Dark Grey
OFK-030-005 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-005 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Infinity OAK Natural
OFK-030-006 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-006 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Prestige OAK Light Natural
OFK-030-007 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-007 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Prestige OAK Honey
OFK-030-008 | 228,6 x 1524 mm
OFE-030-008 | 228,6 x 1524 mm

Installation demo RIGID XL collections (using 3L TripleLock & Click4U)