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Products benefits

+ Very rigid product. Direct installation over ceramic possible. Little or no subfloor preparation required.

+ Integrated acoustic pad for high sound reduction (22 dB). 

+ Quick and easy to install thanks to the fold-down vertical click system. 

+ Excellent dimensional stability. 

+ Outstanding lock strength for a more durable floor. Professional quality. 

+ Great resistance and easy cleaning thanks to the PUR Ecoprotec™ surface treatment.

+ A sustainable solution: low VOC, phthalate free and 100% recyclable.

RIGID55 XL : A professional quality for a more durable good-looking floor.

New LVT generation. RIGID55 XL is suitable for domestic and commercial areas. It is the ideal solution for renovation. The revolutionary rigid board used into the product provides an outstanding dimensional stability and a great resistance, allowing the product to be installed over an existing ceramic floor, without telegraphic effect. The integrated acoustic pad contributes to a high sound reduction for a better comfort. The design range is made of 6 natural-looking colors to suit all needs.

Plank size RIGID55 XL: 225 x 1524 mm (6 planks/box = 2,06m²)

Thickness: 6,0 mm. Wear-layer: 0,55 mm

Chêne Fumé
RECXL553126 | 225 x 1524 mm

Chêne Gris Mer
RECXL5531217 | 225 x 1524 mm

Chêne Gris Clair
RECXL553672 | 225 x 1524 mm

Chêne Moderne Brun
RECXL55400A1 | 225 x 1524 mm

Chêne Grège
RECXL5523162 | 225 x 1524 mm

Chêne Scandinave
RECXL5523163 | 225 x 1524 mm

Installation demo RIGID55 XL collections (using 3L TripleLock & Click4U)

Installation demo RIGID55 XL collections (using 3L TripleLock & Click4U)